At Hilliard Law, our attorneys are dedicated to correcting societal wrongs. We understand grave social justice and civil rights violations occur – and we believe in fighting to make things right for the powerless, the wounded and the bereaved.


Navigating the complex landscape of seeking justice can often feel like an insurmountable challenge, especially when pitted against formidable adversaries who seem to wield overwhelming power. Hilliard Law’s social justice attorneys are steadfastly committed to being your unwavering allies in the pursuit of justice.

At the heart of their mission lies the unwavering commitment to provide robust advocacy and legal representation for individuals and communities who have been historically marginalized or ensnared within the web of systemic injustices. At Hilliard Law, our lawyers transcend the confines of conventional legal practice, recognizing the imperative for societal transformation as they labor diligently to secure equality and justice for all. 

Our attorneys are not just legal professionals; they are passionate advocates for their clients and staunch defenders of social justice and civil rights. We recognize the serious injustices that persist in society, affecting the powerless, the wounded, and the bereaved. Our mission is clear: we are committed to making things right.

The social justice attorneys on our team go beyond the courtroom, actively engaging with communities to understand their unique needs and challenges. By developing a deep understanding of the issues at hand, we can effectively represent our clients’ interests both inside and outside the legal arena. This approach allows us to address the root causes of injustice and work towards comprehensive solutions.

One of the hallmarks of our practice is our unwavering commitment to empowering our clients and ensuring their voices are heard. We provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their experiences and concerns. This open dialogue fosters a trusting and collaborative relationship, allowing us to tailor our legal strategies to best serve our clients’ specific needs. At Hilliard Law, we firmly believe that your voice matters, and we are dedicated to amplifying it in pursuit of justice.

Advocacy and Representation for Victims of Social Injustices

At Hilliard Law, our unwavering dedication to the cause of social justice and civil rights is evident in our tireless efforts. We serve as champions, restoring the voices and faith of those who may have hesitated to speak out.

We recognize the profound impact of small cases, often overlooked but with immense power to drive meaningful change. Our social justice attorneys are firmly committed to supporting individuals confronted by injustice within their own communities. As we prevail in these cases, we set potent precedents, igniting inspiration not only within local spheres but also resonating in neighboring areas.

Beyond our local endeavors, our resolve to shape national policies and laws remains steadfast. Through strategic litigation and advocacy, we actively take on high-profile cases and confront unjust laws head-on, aiming for lasting transformation that benefits individuals and communities across the nation.

We believe in tirelessly fighting for social justice and civil rights issues. We are not afraid to tackle cases involving:

  • Gun Violence
  • Institutional Racism
  • Police Harassment and Brutality
  • False Arrest
  • Border Patrol Harassment and Brutality
  • Denial of Your Right to Legal Representation or Due Process
  • Corporate Harassment and Brutality
  • Corporate Grievances


Bears witness to the heart-wrenching aftermath of mass shootings that have left deep scars on communities across our nation. These senseless acts have inflicted immeasurable pain, robbing countless lives, causing profound physical and emotional injuries, and plunging communities into a harrowing abyss of trauma and grief. What amplifies the tragedy is that these horrifying events occur everywhere: sacred spaces of worship, schools, bustling shopping centers, lively dance clubs, and the very heart of workplaces.

Guiding Hilliard Law is a dedicated team of social justice attorneys, fueled by boundless empathy and armed with a wealth of experience in navigating the intricate terrain of mass shooting cases. In these deeply distressing circumstances, innocent victims often find themselves caught in the crosshairs of assailants driven by racism, hatred, or personal vendettas. Hilliard Law’s attorneys remain unwavering in their steadfast commitment to seeking justice on behalf of these victims and their grieving families.

Hilliard Law is proud to have advocated for those affected by the tragic events of November 5, 2017, in Sutherland Springs, Texas. This horrific incident stands as one of the deadliest in Texas history and ranks as the fifth-most devastating mass shooting in the United States.

Attorney Bob Hilliard, of Hilliard Law, spearheaded the legal representation for Ryland Ward, a resilient 5-year-old who endured life-altering injuries in the Sutherland Springs shooting, and his mother, Chancie McMahan. Additionally, Hilliard Law provided unwavering support to Scott Holcombe, who tragically lost seven family members, including his mother, during the heart-wrenching rampage. 

In the wake of the horrific June 12, 2016 shootings in Orlando, Hilliard Law represented the families of victims against the gun makers that manufactured and marketed the military-style weapons used by the shooter.

The commitment of Hilliard Law goes beyond securing just compensation for the victims; it extends to the rigorous enforcement of existing laws aimed at preventing such heart-rending tragedies from recurring.


In a landmark achievement, the firm achieved a significant victory by securing a substantial settlement against a financial institution responsible for imposing unjustifiable standards on its Black customers. This legal triumph marked a resounding blow against the pervasive and deeply troubling issue often referred to as “Banking while Black.”

The far-reaching settlement not only delivered much-needed relief to the victims of discrimination within the banking sector but also compelled the institutions involved to implement crucial policy changes and educational initiatives. These measures represent the inaugural steps towards dismantling the deeply rooted structures of systemic racism that have persisted for far too long.

Hilliard Law’s tireless efforts in this case illustrate our unyielding dedication to rectifying societal injustices and advancing the cause of social equality. Our work serves as a powerful testament to the impact that legal advocacy can have in effecting positive change and dismantling the deeply ingrained barriers of systemic racism.

Legal Support Against Police Harassment and Brutality

Police harassment and brutality can have severe consequences for victims and erode trust in law enforcement agencies.

Police harassment involves unwarranted and often repeated actions by law enforcement officers that target individuals based on factors such as their race, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status. This can include unjustified stops, searches, questioning, or surveillance. Harassment by police can also manifest as verbal abuse, intimidation, or the use of discriminatory tactics. Such actions can leave individuals feeling harassed, intimidated, and violated, even if no physical force is involved.

Police brutality refers to the use of excessive and unnecessary force by law enforcement officers during interactions with individuals. This excessive force can result in physical harm, injury, or even death. Examples of police brutality include the use of batons, firearms, tasers, or other weapons when it is not justified by the situation. Brutality may also involve unnecessary physical aggression, such as chokeholds, beatings, or improper restraint techniques. These actions violate the individual’s civil rights and can lead to serious physical and psychological trauma.

Instances of police harassment and brutality have sadly become all too common in our society. It is essential to know that you deserve legal support when faced with such injustice. Our social justice attorneys are ready to stand by your side, ensuring that your rights are protected.

Police harassment and brutality can have long-lasting effects on individuals and communities. It can erode trust in law enforcement, create a climate of fear, and perpetuate systemic injustices. Both police harassment and brutality raise significant concerns about the abuse of power by law enforcement officers and can have lasting negative impacts on the victims and the communities they serve. In many cases, these incidents highlight the need for accountability, transparency, and reforms within law enforcement agencies to ensure that officers are held responsible for their actions and that the rights and safety of all individuals are protected during interactions with the police. 

An impactful demonstration of our strong commitment to justice is the case of Danny Ray Thomas. He tragically lost his life when a Harris County (Houston) deputy shot him, even though he was unarmed and clearly experiencing mental distress, just moments after arriving at the scene. In a powerful collaboration, Bob Hilliard partnered with the renowned civil rights attorney Ben Crump to file a lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Thomas’s grieving family. This legal action aimed to hold both the county and the responsible officer accountable for Mr. Thomas’s wrongful death.

At Hilliard Law, our attorneys are relentless in their pursuit of justice when it comes to cases involving police harassment and brutality. We understand the importance of holding law enforcement accountable for their actions and ensuring that victims receive the compensation and closure they deserve.

Your Rights in Police Encounters 

Hilliard Law’s social justice attorneys empower you with knowledge of your rights during police encounters. From the right to remain silent to recognizing unlawful detention, their guidance ensures you can assert your rights effectively. Being well-informed empowers you to protect your dignity and understand the consequences of non-compliance or rights violations.

In cases of police misconduct, our attorneys provide legal recourse. They investigate, gather evidence, and pursue justice through robust defense or civil lawsuits. Whether it’s excessive force, racial profiling, false arrests, or harassment, they are dedicated to holding law enforcement accountable.

Seeking legal support with Hilliard Law is a proactive step against police misconduct. Our attorneys guide you through the legal system, offer emotional support, and relentlessly advocate for your rights, ensuring you receive the justice you deserve.

False Arrest and Its Implications: How Social Justice Lawyers Can Help

Moreover, false arrests perpetuate systemic injustices and reinforce existing biases within the criminal justice system. Whether it’s due to racial profiling, mistaken identity, or other factors, false arrests have severe consequences for those involved. The emotional distress and trauma experienced by victims of false arrest cannot be understated, leaving individuals feeling helpless and unfairly targeted. 

When a false arrest occurs, it not only violates an individual’s rights but also undermines the trust and integrity of the justice system. The repercussions of a false arrest can be far-reaching, affecting a person’s reputation, livelihood, and overall well-being. At Hilliard Law, our lawyers recognize the gravity of these implications and are committed to fighting for justice on behalf of our clients.

False arrest refers to the unlawful restraint or detention of an individual by law enforcement officers without proper legal justification or probable cause. It occurs when a person is taken into custody or restrained by the police without a valid warrant, legal basis, or reasonable suspicion that they have committed a crime. 

Here are key aspects of false arrest:

  • Lack of Legal Justification: False arrest occurs when there is no lawful reason to detain or arrest an individual. This means that the person being arrested has not committed a crime, or there is insufficient evidence or reasonable suspicion to justify their arrest.
  • Violation of Fourth Amendment Rights: In the United States, false arrest is a violation of an individual’s Fourth Amendment rights, which protect against unreasonable searches and seizures. The Fourth Amendment requires that arrests be based on probable cause, which means there must be enough evidence to reasonably believe a person has committed a crime.
  • Custody and Detention: False arrest can involve physical custody and detention of the individual, such as being handcuffed, taken to a police station, or held against their will. It can also occur in situations where a person is prevented from leaving a location without proper legal justification.
  • Civil Rights Violation: False arrest is not only a legal issue but also a civil rights violation. Individuals who have been falsely arrested may have grounds to pursue legal action against the arresting officers and the law enforcement agency involved.
  • Consequences: Being falsely arrested can have significant consequences for the individual, including emotional distress, damage to reputation, and the potential for physical harm during the arrest process. It may also result in loss of freedom, missed work opportunities, and legal expenses.

To address false arrest, individuals may seek legal remedies such as filing a civil lawsuit against the arresting officers and their department. This legal action may seek compensation for damages and violations of civil rights. Our attorneys are experienced in handling cases where individuals have been wrongfully arrested, and we work diligently to ensure that their rights are protected and that justice is served.

Border Patrol Harassment and Brutality: Seeking Justice

In cases of border patrol misconduct, the repercussions can be profound, leaving victims with both physical and emotional scars that endure. Those who experience harassment and brutality at the hands of border patrol agents often grapple with lasting trauma, leaving them feeling violated, powerless, and haunted by fear. It is of paramount importance to address these deeply troubling issues and ensure that those responsible are held answerable for their actions.

Our social justice attorneys shed light on these reprehensible acts of misconduct and steadfastly demand justice for those who have suffered. One poignant example of our commitment to justice is the case of 15-year-old Sergio Hernandez, who was tragically shot to death by a U.S. Border Patrol agent while unarmed and standing on Mexican soil. Hilliard Law took this case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, tirelessly arguing for Constitutional protection of noncitizens even on foreign soil, highlighting our dedication to securing justice for all who have been wronged.

Identifying Harassment and Brutality at the Border

Our social justice law firm recognizes the grave physical, emotional, and psychological toll that harassment and brutality by border patrol agents can exact on individuals. Our team of social justice attorneys is trained to identify instances of misconduct, ensuring that those responsible are held to account for their actions. Through meticulous documentation of these incidents and unwavering advocacy for reform, we tirelessly strive to attain justice for the victims affected.

In the pursuit of justice, our social justice attorneys employ a multifaceted approach when it comes to identifying harassment and brutality at the border. We collaborate closely with victims, aiding them in the collection of crucial evidence, which may include testimonies, photographic evidence, and videos that vividly illustrate the misconduct. Our attorneys work in conjunction with medical professionals and mental health experts to comprehensively evaluate the extent of harm inflicted on the victims. 

Our attorneys understand the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities at the border. We are well-versed in recognizing instances of racial profiling, discrimination, and abuse of power and necessity to provide strong legal representation. 

Fighting for Rights and Freedom

The denial of your right to legal representation or due process refers to situations in which an individual’s fundamental legal rights are violated, particularly in the context of legal proceedings or interactions with law enforcement. These rights are essential components of a fair and just legal system and are protected by the law in many countries, including the United States. 

  • Right to Legal Representation: The right to legal representation, often referred to as the right to an attorney, means that individuals have the legal right to have an attorney represent them in legal proceedings. This right applies to various situations, including criminal trials, civil litigation, and certain administrative hearings. Legal representation ensures that individuals have a knowledgeable advocate who can protect their interests, provide legal advice, and navigate the complexities of the legal system on their behalf.
  • Right to Due Process: The right to due process is a fundamental principle that guarantees that individuals are treated fairly and justly under the law. It encompasses various elements, including the right to a fair and impartial trial, notice of charges, the right to present evidence, the right to confront witnesses, and the right to appeal. Due process safeguards individuals from arbitrary or unjust government actions, ensuring that they have a fair opportunity to be heard and defend themselves in legal proceedings.

Denial of These Rights

When these rights are denied, individuals may face significant injustices. For example, being denied legal representation can result in unequal access to the legal system, increasing the risk of wrongful convictions or unfair legal outcomes. Similarly, the denial of due process can lead to biased or hasty legal decisions that do not consider all relevant facts or legal arguments.

Individuals who believe their right to legal representation or due process has been denied may have legal avenues to challenge such denials. This often involves filing legal motions, appeals, or seeking the assistance of an attorney to rectify the situation.

Denial of the right to legal representation or due process is a serious matter, and it can have profound implications for individuals involved in legal proceedings. Ensuring that these rights are upheld is essential for maintaining a just and fair legal system that protects the rights and interests of all individuals, regardless of their circumstances.

Fighting for International Human Rights

 In August 2020, Paul Rusesabagina, the man portrayed as a hero in the Academy Award-nominated movie Hotel Rwanda, was taken against his will to Rwanda and charged with terrorism, murder, and other crimes. Rusesabagina boarded a GainJet plane believing he was going to Burundi. Instead, GainJet took him to the Rwandan capital, Kigali. In partnership with Rusesabagina’s family and international human rights groups, Bob Hilliard agreed to join Mr. Rusesabagina’s legal team. In December 2020, Hilliard and the legal team filed an action against GainJet, alleging that Rusesabagina was kidnapped and flown to Rwanda without due process.

Regardless of the magnitude, we hold a steadfast belief that everyone should have their day in court and be entitled to due process of law. If you or a loved one has been deprived of these rights, our attorneys will tirelessly work to advocate for your case’s resolution. 

Corporate Harassment and Brutality

Corporations can sometimes wield excessive power, leading to harassment and mistreatment of individuals. Our social justice attorneys are skilled in taking on corporate giants and ensuring that their actions do not go unchecked.

Social Justice Attorneys Dedicated to Fixing Societal Wrongs

Hilliard Law’s social justice attorneys embody an extraordinary commitment to their clients and the broader community. We understand that true change begins with addressing injustice on all fronts, and they work diligently to make this vision a reality. Our attorneys possess the knowledge, experience, and passion required to navigate complex legal landscapes and challenge systemic inequities.

Whether you find yourself ensnared in the grip of police harassment, unjustly subjected to a false arrest, or facing the repercussions of border patrol misconduct, Hilliard Law’s social justice lawyers stand as unwavering pillars of support. We are not merely legal representatives but compassionate allies dedicated to ensuring that your rights are upheld and justice is served.


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