We represent business owners victimized in situations of unfair dealing practices, breach of contract, and fraud.

Attorneys for Business Disputes

Our experienced, tenacious business attorneys represent business owners who have been victimized by unfair dealing practices, breach of contract, and fraud.

This includes:

  • Unfair business practices that violate contractual obligations and expectations. Unfair business practices occur when one party breaches its contractual obligations in some way. For example, a seller may not provide the goods or services they promised after receiving payment. In other cases, a conflict of interest or failure to disclose pertinent information occurs. If someone owes you a fiduciary duty, their breach of duty may warrant compensation.
  • Breach of contract; the other party does not facilitate the agreed-upon result. When a contract is rendered between two parties, they are both responsible for upholding the agreed-upon terms. This includes contractual covenants like non-compete and non-disparagement covenants and agreements to protect trade secret or other confidential information. When a party fails to follow through with their end of the agreement, you may be able to take legal action against them.
  • Business fraud that results in damages to you and your business. You might have invested in a business opportunity. Later, you might have discovered that the business was fraudulent or misconduct had occurred. You may have grounds for legal recourse.

If you believe you believe you have suffered losses due to fraudulent or deceptive business practices, we can help. At Hilliard Law, our business lawyers have a deep understanding of financial laws and regulations.

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