The experienced team at Hilliard Law, has been helping victims of medical malpractice achieve justice since 1986. We pride ourselves on taking a personalized approach to every case to address each client’s unique needs.

When you enter a doctor’s office, hospital, or other healthcare facilities, you trust it will be safe, clean, and staffed with educated and qualified professionals. Doctors and other healthcare workers undergo years of training to provide a high standard of care in a fast-paced environment. Unfortunately, a doctor or nurse may still act negligently during a patient’s care, often causing severe, life-threatening injuries.

If you have suffered an injury at the hands of a careless healthcare provider, you may have grounds to pursue a medical malpractice claim for your losses. The highly-qualified attorneys at Hilliard Law have decades of experience helping medical malpractice victims in Texas achieve justice and protect their rights.

Elements of a Medical Malpractice Claim

When a doctor, nurse, or lab tech behaves negligently, they may inflict significant harm on their patient. Victims of medical malpractice or their families may file a medical malpractice claim to recover monetary compensation for their injuries and other damages. To be eligible for compensation, you must prove the following elements:

  • The healthcare professional failed to uphold the standard of care: Healthcare professionals must follow a specific standard of care as they treat their patients. Doctors who fail to uphold this standard may be found negligent through a medical malpractice claim.
  • The healthcare provider’s actions directly caused your injury: It is not enough to prove that your doctor behaved negligently. You must also prove that their carelessness caused your injury.
  • Your injury caused you to incur damages: Finally, you must prove that your injury resulted in considerable losses such as pain, suffering, disability, trauma, or lost wages.

It is crucial to note that merely feeling unhappy with a doctor’s care is not medical malpractice. Malpractice only occurs when a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider acts recklessly and causes their patient considerable harm.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice Claims in Texas?

Every state has a legal time limit to bring forward medical malpractice cases known as the statute of limitations. In Texas, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases is two years from the date the malpractice occurred. Unlike other states, Texas does not allow extra time for malpractice victims that discover their injuries long after the initial incident. However, there may be exceptions depending on the victim’s age and when their treatment was completed. An experienced attorney will review the facts of your case to determine and advise you of your legal options.

Damages You May Be Able to Recover

Medical malpractice may significantly disrupt victims’ lives, leaving them carrying many physical, emotional, and financial burdens. At Hilliard Law, we are committed to helping medical malpractice victims in Texas hold negligent healthcare professionals accountable for the losses they have caused. Some damages our experienced team may be able to help you recover include the following:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and earning potential
  • Significant disability or disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death

Your attorney will work with you to understand every detail of your case so that you may be compensated fairly for the full extent of your losses.

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